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Hines of Chard Bronze Turkeys 4-9 kilos £18.99per kilo


Reared once a year by Mike & Di Hines

They are game hung for 10 days then hand picked

Not to be confused with a supermarket bronze Turkey

Comes with free cooking timer

We choose bronze breed turkeys for their award-winning flavour and texture, but this does mean that sometimes their feather stubs are visible. Our birds are dry plucked by hand, we don’t blast them with water, so you might find a few more feather stubs than on commercial turkeys, but this is normal. Please do not spend time pulling these out as most will burn off during cooking, and those that don’t are much easier to remove once the bird comes out of the oven.

Remove the bird from the fridge the night before you intend to cook it to allow it to reach room temperature.
Cook at 180oC/ 170oC (fan)/ Gas Mark 4. Start the bird in the oven breast side down and about half way through the suggested cooking time below turn the bird over on to its back to brown the breast.
The bird is cooked when the juices from deep in the thigh run clear when skewered. If the juices are pink, return to the oven and check at 10 minute intervals.

After cooking allow the turkey to rest uncovered for at least 30 minutes before carving.

SizeServesRoasting Time (approx.)
4kg8-101 hour 45 minutes
5kg10-122 hours
6kg12-142 hours 15 minutes
7kg14-162 hours 45 minutes
8kg16-182 hours 45 minutes
9kg18-203 hours
10kg20-223 hours
11kg22-243 hours
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